Ice Cream Boat

Have you ever been enjoying a hot day out on the lake in your friend's boat and think, "Wow, I could really go for an ice cream right about now."? And then like a beautiful beacon in the distance breaking over the horizon appears the answer to your prayers and ice cream desires. An ice cream boat.

Seems like a joke, but it's real!

Chunky Dunky

Based in Naples, Maine, Chunky Dunky Ice Cream Boat is a joy on the water. Owners Barbara and Richie Vieira started Chunky Dunky last year after they sold their laundromat business of 20 years and Barb having worked as a middle school kitchen manager for nearly a decade.

Their love of boating inspired the endeavor so they could enjoy boating while running a business.

Ice Cream Options

Chunky Dunky Ice Cream doesn't skimp on the good stuff either. They are fully equipped as if they were the traditional ice cream truck with favorites from Hershey, Popsicle, Klondike, Ben & Jerry's, and more! Spongebob pop? Got it. Choco Taco? Got that too! Even the Maine favorite, Moose Tracks!

When and Where

You can find Chunky Dunky Ice Cream Boat traveling from Long Lake down into the Sebago Sandbar. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for all of their updates and travels!

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