Whatever you wanna call him -- Beelzebub, Lucifer, Old Nick, Mephistopheles, Prince Of Darkness -- just pick one and get on with the countdown to Halloween with these 5 must-see Devil movies to make your spooky weekend complete...


5.) "Rosemary's Baby" (1967) - Before John Lennon made it famous, the Dakota apartment building in New York City was home for one of the creepiest "Be careful what you wish for" stories that you will ever come across. It's an old theme -- you sell your soul, you pay the price -- but it works brilliantly here as it turns out your harmless, friendly, elderly neighbors are really Satan worshippers. Yikes.

4.) "Devil" (2010) - The upside-down city skyline opening credit sequence is quite disturbing enough by itself, frankly. Then it turns out that more than half of this film takes place in a high-rise elevator that's stuck between floors with one of the passengers turning out to be you-know-who. Not recommended viewing if you don't like tight spaces, and the role Fate plays into it will definitely give you something to think about. All in 90 minutes! 

3.) "The Omen" (1976) - Like everything that spawns sequels and re-makes, the original is still the best and maybe why the name Damien doesn't pop up as much anymore.


2.) "The Devil's Advocate"(1997) - Al Pacino in full-throttle, over-the-top mode makes his Mr. D one of the best around.

1.) "The Exorcist" (1973) - Almost 50 years later, this is the one that stays with you no matter what your beliefs may happen to be. There was a reason grown-up adult men and women both were passing out and getting physically sick in movie theatres when this was first released: it's scary as hell and truly gruesome. Local priests were actually called in to your neighborhood cineplex to help patrons deal with it! Supposedly based on the real exorcism of young boy back in 1949, you know...


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