For over a century, the Garden Brothers Circus has been entertaining people across the country.

The Garden family formed the circus in Toronto over 100 years ago.  Over the years, three generations of Gardens have taken the reins of the circus.

Their latest show, dubbed the "Nuclear Circus" has over 60 acts performing in three rings under the big top.  The family friendly show features acrobats, clowns, people being shot out a cannons, trained poodles, and more!

It really is a show that focuses on the skills of human performers.

The website explains that the circus:

will amaze you with special effects, concert style lighting,  Human Cannonball, Wheel of Death, Motorcycles in the Sphere of Fear, Human Slingshot, Comedy the whole family will love, Girls hanging by their hair, Olate Performing Dogs as seen on America's Got Talent, Cossack Riders; we can keep going but you just need to see it.

The show, which will keep you on the edge of your seat, will be at the Cumberland Fairgrounds from August 24th through August 27th.

Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children.  Get all the details and buy tickets HERE

If you can't make the Portland-area shows, you can also catch the Nuclear Circus in Rochester (New York), Buffalos, Carlisle (Pennsylvania), Rockaway (New Jersey), and other stops.

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