For a child, there really is something special about the circus, isn't there?  Clowns, jugglers, music, and more!  Most of us have really vivid memories of our first trip to the circus, don't we?

Your parents probably loved how they were able to make those memories with you.  Well, here's your chance to make some of those memories with your kids.

According to the Cross Insurance Center website, the Shrine Circus of Thrills will be returning to the Bangor event center this April.


There were will several shows a day between Friday, April 28th and Sunday, April 30th.

Tickets for the shows are on sale now.  Based on the information we have been able to find all of the tickets are general admission and cost $18.  Get more details HERE

Check out this video of a recent performance of the circus.  Please note that we believe, based on the banners that are hanging on the wall of the arena, that this performance took place in Presque Isle.

Of course, we expect that you would see very similar performances when the circus visits Bangor this April.

What is your favorite memory of the circus?  Let us know by sending us a message through our radio station app or by messaging us on Facebook.

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