Credit: New England
Credit: New England

As the New England Patriots get ready for the 2014 NFL season, fans will be sporting their favorite Pats gear that will feature either the team's former Pat Patriot logo or the more contemporary flying Elvis.

The Pats have worn their throwback uniforms for some games at Gillette Stadium, but tend to wear their current uniforms for a majority of their games. Fans are able to purchase plenty of team jerseys, sweatshirts and T-shirts, hats and other items that feature both logos, but which one is their favorite?

I must profess that I grew up watching the team when it proudly sported the original Pat Patriot logo and those red jerseys. I actually attended my first Patriots game in the old Foxboro Stadium back in 1976 against the Denver Broncos when the stars of the day were Steve Grogan, Mike Haynes, Russ Francis and Sam Bam Cunningham.

It's true that the Patriots never won a Super Bowl title until they switched over to the current flying Elvis logo and they they won three championships and nearly won an additional two titles. But there are still many Patriots fans who wish the team stayed with their original logo, which is one of the reasons why the Patriots occasionally go with their retro look.

Which Pats logo do you prefer?  Let your voice he heard, Patriot Nation.

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