Joe Bonamassa returns to Maine tonite for is first-ever show at Rock Row. Tickets are still available and it is going to be a perfect night for a show! We got to speak to Joe this week and he loves Maine. All his albums also have a connection to Portland as Joe masters his albums with the legendary Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering. 





From Joe's bio:

The New York state native opened up for B.B. King when he was only 12 years old and has since played alongside such artists as Eric Clapton, Stephen Still, Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes, Steve Winwood, and Buddy Guy among others. B.B. King might not have guessed it at the time, but that 12-year-old whiz kid would go on to become an industry powerhouse. Building on their 28-year partnership, Bonamassa and his manager, Roy Weisman, created their own record label, management, marketing, and concert promotion company called J&R Adventures over a decade ago. Together, the two mavericks devised a 360-degree independent business model that has survived and thrived during one of the music industry’s most uncertain eras.




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