We are doing everything we can to keep you up to date on today's storm. Here is the latest communication from the Maine Emergency Management Agency:

- Damaging winds have caused widespread tree damage, nearly 500,000 power outages statewide, and isolated structural damage. Utilities expect it to take up to a week for power to be restored to all customers. - Flash flooding has caused several road closures across the state. - Additional showers are expected today with 40 to 50 mph wind gusts this afternoon but they will diminish this evening and better weather is expected the rest of the week. MEMA will maintain situational awareness and information flow between County EOCs and the SEOC through situational reports for decision-making purposes. MEMA will also work to fulfill resource requests from all 16 counties to support response and recovery activities during the sustained response and recovery operations using available resources from state agencies, the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

MEMA staff worked with US Customs and Border Protection to facilitate bringing Canadian Utility Crews across the Houlton Border Crossing. The request was approved and MEMA officials are working to facilitate crossing.

Citizens are reminded of the following:

- Ensure generators and alternate heat sources are in good working condition and properly installed. - Never drive down a flooded roadway, as the road may be washed out. - Never drive across or attempt to remove fallen power lines or tree limbs touching them. - Document all damage costs to property for insurance and other assistance purposes.

**Those who can avoid travel should do so until roadways are clear of debris and fallen power lines.** Drivers are reminded to never attempt to drive down a flooded roadway, as the road may be washed out underneath. Road closure information is available at newenglend511.org.

Shelter status is available on the MEMA webpage: http://www.maine.gov/mema/ and clicking on the 'Emergency Shelter Status: Go To List' link

For additional preparedness, shelter and safety information, please visit MainePrepares.com, or visit MEMA on Facebook or Twitter.




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