The call is going out to all of you lovebirds planning to get married, the Lewiston/Auburn Wedding Show, presented by Day's Jewelers, is this Sunday at The Ramada Lewiston Conference Center from 11a to 3p.

Planning a wedding is both exciting and overwhelming, you've got options! Check out two floors of of vendors, over 100 professionals who care about making your day amazing, our station DJs, giveaways, promotions, samples and more!

No matter what point you are at in your process, we can help. Let's start here with a list of tips for attending the 2019 Lewiston Wedding Show:

  • Dress for comfort so that you can take your time and not be distracted by a poor shoe choice or a huge coat that you regret dragging around with you.
  • Get there as early as you can to be the first to discover special offers and speak to vendors one-on-one before the crowd grows.
  • Though there are delicious samples from caterers and bakeries at the show, I always believe in having a little something in your tummy so that you don't get hangry. You know what I'm talking about. There is nothing more terrifying than a hangry Bridezilla!
  • Bring your crew, this doesn't have to be a solo operation. You can get their input, and another set of eyes is great to have. It also adds to the planning excitement. I had a great time with my maid of honor when we went before my wedding. It's going to be a really special day, bring people you love to share it with you. Your wedding gets real real at this event!
  •  Pre-Register or RSVP online when you buy your ticket to save time when you arrive. It also really helps the vendors to know how many gift bags to put together and how many samples and tastings to provide. nobody wants to run out! Buy your tickets NOW!
  • Bring a card or piece of paper with your name, email and wedding date. You'll be asked to fill out a bunch and this saves time and carpel tunnel syndrome! A friend of mine created something in Word and printed them out. It saved her a ton of time and she looked like she really had her act together. She also didn't need to throw elbows to get a pen. OH! Bring a pen!
  • Take notes and LOTS of pictures! You are going to find inspiration, but don't trust your busy brain to remember the vendor that you love. Their business card might not mean much a week later without a pic to go along with it to remind you of why you took it.
  • Grab a tote. The take is real at this event and you want to have a place to put it all!
  • Ask about vendor's best deals, special offers and giveaway opportunities.
  • Relax and keep an open mind. You are going to see some creative things that you might not have considered, be inspired.
  • Follow up if you are interested in a vendor, they book up fast. Don't wait for them to get back to you, reach out to them for more information or to start the hiring process.

Have a great time, we are so happy for you! Learn more about the Lewiston/Auburn Wedding Show and get your tickets here.

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