Know what the state bird is?

Doesn't matter. We all know it's really the mosquito. Obviously.

According to MSN, Mainers definitely can take some steps to avoid mosquito bites this summer. Be warned though, some people are just more attractive to female mosquitoes than others.

The female mosquito wants your blood, and she will not be put off by your silly citronella candle, repellent wristband or ultrasonic device, so don't waste your money.

According to MSN, to be a winner at the"Don't Get Bit" game:

  • Cover up with light weight clothing.
  • Use repellents that contain DEET. It's bad reputation is mostly undeserved.
  • Want to go natural? Try a 20-40% oil of lemon Eucalyptus repellent. Not just the essential oil though, search online for a product.
  • Wind keeps these truly poor fliers away. However, if you have a fan on you face, your ankles will still be at risk.

Why you?!  You are in a group of four and you are the only one spazzing because of the skeeters because...

  • Maybe you're pregnant? Female mosquitoes love pregnant-lady pheromones.
  • If you're drinking alcohol you sure do seem tasty to a hungry mosquito. Sorry.
  • They might just like your perfume or soap.
  • Mosquitoes like to come out for an evening buffet.
  • If you're hanging by a mosquito rich environment like wooded areas and places with stagnant water, you had best be prepared for a battle.

Something else that's always bothered me, because I wasn't sure if it was my imagination, do mosquito bites really itch more at night because it sure feels like it?!

The answer is YES! First of all our cortisol levels (that keep inflammation down), according to the article, are way lower at night than in the morning. Secondly, we have fewer distractions as we are trying to fall asleep, so that stupid little itch becomes the center of our universe.

Most Mainers have a method that they swear by.

What's your secret for keeping mosquitoes away or for treating their bites? Comment on our Fan Page.

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