Look into this man's eyes. See the death stare? THIS is the face NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stared into 10 months ago at the Scarborough Hannafords supermarket. This man instantly became a New England Sports Hero for starting a "Free Tom Brady" chant next to Goodell and the green peppers in Produce. This man works for us as our amazing Director of Sales.  His name is Mike Marcello and today on the Blimp, he humbly passed the New England Patriots Superfan Torch to a new man. A man named Jim Podanoffsky



Jim Podanoffsky met,NFL commissioner Roger Goodell during an event held by one of the Patriots fiercest rivals, the Buffalo Bills. The picture went viral of course, and now Jim is an instant legend in New England.



We think it's amazing that Mike Marcello passed the torch to Jim this morning and we were so proud to make the announcement on the BLM Morning Show. But before Mike fades off in to the Old Orchard Beach sunset (doubtful), let's re-live the magic moment that will enshrine him in to the hearts of Patriots fans for decades to come! Let's raise a Miller Lite one more time to the Great One-Mike Marcello!


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