It's amazing to me how loyal we are to our favorite brands.  We know what to expect with quality and reliability.  Brand awareness is at an all-time high with conventional and digital marketing.

Sometimes you don't have to say the full brand name, because the brand "nickname" has been ingrained in all of us through strategic marketing.

Let's take it one step further.  What do you think are the most-loved and originated brands in each New England state? used over two million Tweets to understand and evaluate the most popular brands from each state.  It varies by state due to sentimentality to the brands, and also depends on the cost of living.  Higher wages mean a demand for better quality.

Generally, homegrown companies fare better than other brands.


Vermont scored the highest rating for a home state product in the country with their Darn Tough Vermont socks brand, with 92.6% of positive Tweets.

Connecticut is loyal to Newman's Own products, which include salad dressings, pasta sauce, salsa, dog food, coffee, pizza, and other products.  The company donates all of the proceeds (after taxes) to the Newman's Own Foundation, which supports child-focused programs.

It's no surprise Rhode Island's most-beloved home state brand is Ocean State Job Lot.

Massachusetts residents are high on Big Y Supermarkets and are very loyal to these stores.

In Maine, it should be absolutely no surprise to anyone that L.L. Bean is the top dog for brands in the "Vacationland" state.  Bean's  return policy and high quality products bring customers from all over to check out the flagship store in Freeport, Maine.

Robert Nelson via
Robert Nelson via

New Hampshire brags about Brookstone.  Did you know the first Brookstone store opened in 1973 in Peterborough?

You can read the full report at if you're interested in what brands are favored across the rest of the states in America.

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