Angry citizens storming a capitol building to argue about an election. Sound familiar? Well, it happened in Maine in 1880, according to News Center Maine.

Luckily, one of Maine's heroes, Joshua Chamberlain stood up to the mob and saved the day. At the time Chamberlain was the commander of the Maine Militia. After a squabble over who won an election for Governor, things got heated at the State House.

For 12 days Chamberlain was the de facto leader of the state as the parties tried to sort it all out, the news station reported, and as the mob grew, there were thoughts to bring in the Maine Militia but Chamberlain deferred, wanting instead to talk it through.

Things got so heated at one point that Chamberlain stood up and told the crowd that he was prepared to give his life before (in the Civil War) and was ready to give it again if he had to, News Center Maine reported. Other veterans in the crowd came to Chamberlains's side and the angry mob reportedly "melted away."

Chamberlain had saved the State House and maybe Mainers' lives.

How do you think Joshua Chamberlain would have reacted to what happened last week in Washington?  

Check out this history lesson from the NewsCenter Maine Youtube page.


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