In honor of the Patriots SIXTH Super Bowl win this past Sunday, we've changed our Top 5 Maine Vanity Plates of the Week list, to a top SIX. We get all our vanity plate pictures from Morgan and his mind-numbing collection of Maine vanity plates from the amazing King of Maine Vanity Instagram page

And we start with a fantastic temporary plate from a cool Pats fan.  6TH RING. Why didn't I think of this one?!


Remember, Maine law says you can put anything on your vanity plate. This dude is taking advantage of that with a phrase we all use a million times every day.



Great pic. Great plate. And if you're a Pats fan, this also has meaning.. How do we feel about another Super Bowl Vic-Tor-EE?  Awwwwe.....Yeahhhhh!



Funny and a nice public service announcement to help fight breast cancer. Early Detection Saves Lives!



Love this and I so badly want to see the rest of this vehicle. If the plywood is any indication....


And our fave of the week. MAINE AF!

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