According to News Center Maine, our state entry sign in Kittery has changed yet again. Over the Easter weekend "Maine The Way Life Should Be" was added as a smaller sign below our "Welcome Home" sign.

When Governor Janet Mills gave her Inaugural Address, she announced that she planned on changing the sign to sound more welcoming and inclusive; to visitors as well as natives returning home, by adding "The Way Life Should Be" back to the sign.

The new sign was made using recycled aluminum and was very inexpensive to install.

Past Governor, Paul LePage had previously changed the sign that read, "Welcome to Maine, The Way Life Should Be" with a smaller "Open for Business" sign below it. The sign is between exits two and three on I-95 North near the Kittery Exit.

To me, the real sign that I'm home is the lobster painted on the giant water tank as you roll toward our border. What are the landmarks that let you know that you're back in Maine? Comment on our Fan Page.

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