Returning veterans have a lot to deal with as they readjust to being back in the states, and one of the most daunting tasks is finding a good job. That bums me out. These men and women have gone from being hardened soldiers with skill and purpose to being job applicants that have a hard time getting a decent wage. Maine Hire-A-Vet is holding a job fair this Tuesday at the Augusta Armory, 179 Western Avenue, from 9:00 to noon. Last year's job fair had 147 participating employers that led to the hire of 197 veterans with $22.23 being the average placement wage. Hire-A-Vet will provide transportation assistance for veterans having to travel 40 miles or more to get to Augusta for the job fair. If you are a veteran with a particular set of skills, check out the job fair this Tuesday.

Even superheroes have to heat the Bat Cave. has got more details for veterans and military families.

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