Man oh man, are my in-laws upta Dixmont gonna be excited when they hear this. They definitely love their venison and have been know to put down a shot here and there.

Now just in time for hunting season, they can enjoy the best of both with a new whiskey that is said to taste like deer.


If eating a meal of your big game prize just isn't enough for you, you can soon wash it down with some meaty liquor too.

This whiskey is called The Deerslayer and it is created by Tamworth Distilling in Tamworth, New Hampshire.

According to their big announcement last week on their  Facebook page, they added venison to the whiskey as it was distilled...

"with seasonal ingredients like porcini mushrooms, cranberries, juniper berries, and green peppercorns."


The essences of the North Woods blended in should satisfy any deer steak eating whiskey drinking men and women we might know.

It could also be a wicked mean holiday gift for any whiskey drinking vegans on your list.

The Deerslayer will be available on November 14.

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