If you look up the definition of vain in the dictionary, the meaning will come back something like this: "having or showing an excessively high opinion of one's appearance, abilities, or worth". That's why those showy plates with their funny quips or obscure messages are referred to as vanity plates in Maine. You love something so much, you've got to let everyone know. Which makes this particular vanity plate a difficult one to comprehend, because generally, these types of things are kept to yourself.

This guy has a from r/Maine

Shared on Reddit by Tomahawk72, there's a car driving around the Portland area with SMOLPP on their license plate. Naturally, it's on a compact car. Although, perhaps this plate would fit better on a mini-cooper. Either way, it would seem broadcasting a diminutive message like this would be counter-productive, unless we truly look at the definition of vain. It isn't someone else's opinion that is cared about, it's one's own opinion. Plaster that plate on your car and live your life with monster energy, not microscopic.

But seriously, why does someone have this as a vanity plate? Well, there's always a backstory and it appears the backstory behind this plate revolves around famous YouTuber Pewdiepie. In several videos posted online, Pewdiepie refers to people who operate with bigpp energy or smolpp energy. It still feels like you'd want to be on the big side, but it's also important to know thyself.

So we offer no judgements. Vanity plates were invented to be vain about whatever you choose. From energy to anatomy, you do you.

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