Skittles New Flavor

It was about this time last week when the world was rocked after the announcement of a brand new Skittles partnership/flavor that none of us expected.

No, green isn't switching back from lime to green apple.

But if you're an awkwardly big fan of mustard, then you're one of the happiest humans (or aliens, since they're officially a thing) on the face of the planet.

Following the announcement and obvious shock over it, New Englanders actually weighed in on the flavors they would love to see become offered to try. Some of the highlights?

Butterscotch. Margarita. Pina Colada. Tequila.

Actually, come to think of it, New England basically just wants a bunch of boozy Skittles, don't we?


Current Skittles Flavors

Obviously, there are different kinds of Skittles packages that are offered. In fact, according to the official Skittles website, there are five different packages -- everything from the classic original and Sour to Tropical, Wild Berry, and Brightside. And each package has its own, unique flavors.

Original: Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Grape, and Lime (which switched back from Green Apple after a brief hiatus.)

Sour: The same offerings as above, but with a sour bite to them.

Wild Berry: Wild Cherry, Berry Punch, Strawberry, Raspberry, Melon Berry

Tropical: Banana Berry, Mango Tangelo, Pineapple Passionfruit, Strawberry Starfruit, Kiwi Lime

Brightside: Tangerine, Paradise Punch, Watermelon, Pink Lemonade, Kiwi Banana

Jonathan J. Castellon
Jonathan J. Castellon

But all that said, since Skittles packages of any kind have five different flavors inside, what if an all-Maine package was released? What five flavors would help you "Taste the Vacationland?"

These 5 Flavors Would Make Up an All-Maine Bag of Skittles

If an all-mustard package can be offered, why not an all-Maine package?

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