One of our favorite places to go, especially in the Summer, is Peaks Island. Even though it's a quick 15 minute ferry ride from Portland, you feel like a world away. The best way to explore? Rent a bike or golf cart and set off on a most excellent summer adventure. Just make sure you make it back to the Inn on Peaks Island for a cold one and don't miss your return ferry! Or better yet DO miss it. This is a cool and funky place. NOT fancy. There's something about island life that just chills you out!



Below is one of the coolest and scariest places on Peaks. It's Battery Steele. Built for World War II to protect Portland harbor, it was the largest gun battery built ANYWHERE in the United States. The guns could reach from Kennebunk to Popham Beach. Word has it when the guns were fired, that every window on the island would shatter! Now it's just a really creepy place to walk through. It's also the sight of a really wacky and wonderfu annual art experience called the "Sacred and Profane."



According to Wikipedia: Peaks Island is home to 843 year-round residents, with a summer population that swells to an estimated 2,000-4,000, with many day-trippers.The island is home to its own elementary school, library, and police station.


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