I just realized that 99% of the content I put out into the world is food-related. What can I say? BIG FAN OF SOLIDS OVER HERE! There are very few foods that I won't try at least once! I feel extremely fortunate to live in an area (Seacoast New Hampshire) that caters to adventurous foodies like myself! So many different cuisines are available at our fingertips; Vietnamese, JapaneseNepalese, you name it!

Every restaurant has their "claim to fame", or that single menu item that people associate with their eatery.

Someone recently asked me where they should eat when they visit Portsmouth, which is such a difficult question. How am I supposed to choose one gem in a chest FULL of treasures? I ended up sending her to Barrio, and said if she doesn't order a taco in a "Stoner Shell", she's doing it wrong. For me, Barrio's claim to fame is their delectable and creative shell options!

When a restaurant knocks a certain item out of the park, it can put them on the map! All of a sudden, people are chatting about them, posting photos on their social media, and telling their friends about it.

I wanted to hear from the people on this matter. I polled our Facebook audience about what New Hampshire restaurants are known for a single menu item, and here are the most popular answers:

These New Hampshire Restaurants Are Known for a Single Menu Item

A list of fantastic restaurants in New Hampshire and their "claim to fame" menu items.

Gallery Credit: Kira Lew

Let me know if we missed any in the comments!

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