Sunsets. It happens every day. However, sometimes, if we're lucky, the sky is painted with all of the colors of the rainbow. This happened last night when all of us Mainers looked to the sky and saw hue of pink, orange, red with tints of yellow, blue and even a rainbow made an appearance in some parts of Maine.

Danielle Cry via Facebook
Rainbow Sunset, Danielle Cry via Facebook

When witnessing such beauty you can't help but grab your camera to keep that angelic vision with you, forever.

We asked for you to send us photos of what the sunset looked like in your neck of the woods and wow, I was blown away by your submissions. I can even wrap my head around how remarkable the sky was. Not to mention the colors were ever-changing.

Las nights sunset changed so quickly and the shades were so deep with strong color pigments just screaming out at all of us to not look away!

We received over 700 photos from all over Maine. I have put together a gallery of 30 of my favorite shots that you sent in.

Remember, sometimes Maine's nature can give you all you need to feel better about anything, so look up and don't miss it!

These 30 Stunning Photos of Maine Sunsets Are an Explosion of Color and Beauty

Last night the sky was on fire, literally. It stopped all of us from what we were doing to witness the complete beauty and awe of this stellar sunset. Take a look at the photos that Mainers from across our state sent!

Listeners Submit Gorgeous Photos of The Maine Sky

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