Try as they might, the Auburn Walmart is still unable to prevent people from driving their cars into poles in the parking lot and all of Maine keeps asking the question, "How does this keep happening?" Well, let's start from the beginning.

This is one of the many poles you'll find not only at the Auburn Walmart but at pretty much any Walmart throughout the state. They're pretty standard and most people don't crash into them.

Google Streetview

Unless they're at the Auburn Walmart which sees a crash into a pole several times a month.

Jeffrey Miller

No one can seem to figure out why drivers are doing this, but it's like an epidemic in Auburn that there seems to be no cure for.

Christopher Norris

Walmart tried putting caution tape between poles, but that didn't work.

Sanylia Gary

So the next thing they tried was to put a green cover over the poles with reflective tape. Why green? It's the theory that if you see an uncommon color, one that you are not used to seeing in places like a parking lot, that it will get your attention more easily. Sound reasoning, but this is the Auburn Walmart parking lot and nothing is making sense here.

Sanylia Gray

Because yet again, the pole all decked out in green, got hit again last week.

Jeffrey Miller

You may have noticed the irony of the sign over the door on the Walmart building behind the pole that says "eye exams."

At this point, they might as well give up. There doesn't seem to be anything they can to prevent people from hitting the poles.

Many have called for them to be removed, but that seems like it will create even more problems in the parking lot if it's just a free-for-all, with drivers going wherever they want. Some sense of order needs to be in place until we find a cure for the dreaded "hitapollitis." See what I did there?

Cars Can't Stop Crashing Into One Yellow Pole at the Auburn, Maine, Walmart

There's a yellow pole in the Auburn, Maine Walmart parking lot that gets hit by drivers on a regular basis.

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