Well this is the lowest of low. A couple stole credit cards in a South Portland restaurant and quickly spent over $10,000 on them.

The South Portland Police Department is seeking the public's help in finding these dirt bags.

A man and a woman are shown on surveillance photos in an unnamed restaurant. The woman is seen reaching into another woman's purse as she works at her computer. A second photo clearly shows her face and the card in her hand. The two then casually make their way out of the restaurant.

Later it's discovered that they spent over $10,000 on electronics with the stolen cards.

Unfortunately for them, the photos of them in the act of the crime are out there for all to see, so they'll be caught and will be spending some quality time behind bars.

If you have any information about these two, you're urged to contact the South Portland Police Department. Detective Jeff Levesque in working on the case and can be reached at (207) 799-5511 x 7435 or you can email him at jeffle@southportland.org


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