The Bangor PD never ceases to amaze us, Their reaction to coming into ownership of this particular Five Spot was both poignant and hilarious. These guys and gals don't sweat the small stuff and we love them for it:

"Being committed to a cause to the point of sharing your message through the judicious application of Sharpie ink on American currency is impressive.

You probably figured that this five-spot, emblazoned with your message, would be returned as change to an ordinary citizen who does not wear a fairly recognizable uniform and is not subject to random drug testing as a condition of employment.

You probably never considered our dilemma of trying to make a decision on where to spend this monetary billboard without bringing too much attention to ourselves.

So to this seller of the "Jazz Cabbage" and to the clerk who probably felt is was the perfect time to pass off this fiver- we say, well played Ganja-boy, well played.

For the record it was used it to buy snacks. We felt it is what you would have wanted."

The irony that the money was spent on munchies is fantastic. Thank you ROCK


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