The MLB released this video today and if you find yourself getting a bit choked up while watching it, you won't be alone. We were all sitting around the studios today (in a very safe social-distancing manner of course) and watch this together. No one spoke for a few seconds and then there was a little sniffling and the ""I;m not crying, you're crying" side glances. It's been 266 days since we last watched an MLB game and this video reminds us of just how special a sport it is. Especially right now it's a happy distraction. "An orderly thing in a very unorderly world."

Watching the Red Sox play the Blue Jays with an exhibition game at Fenway this week can best be described as "cold pizza.' It's not fantastic but it's still pizza!  It's still good to see Pesky Poll and the Green Monstah and the voice of Jerry Remy...even if he is doing play-by-play back at the NESN studios. It's STILL Red Sox baseball and it's been too damn long. For two innings I kept looking in Right Field for Mookie Betts before I remembered we traded him to the Dodgers. Doh!

If you are a fan of baseball, you are going to love this video. It's written by Senior Baseball writer for Sports Illustrated, Tom Verducci, and narrated by actor Jon Hamm. So get that Sox jersey out, get the beers chilled and start warming up the TV  We say... Go Sox and PLAY BALL! Even if it's just for 60 games.


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