Here's a sweet video that will turn your frown upside down. It's from our local heroes at the South Portland Police Department. This pandemic is disrupting all the major milestones. Graduations, Weddings, Funerals, and of course, Birthdays. But if you are a 5-year old like this SoPo kid is, then this may end up being one of your favorite birthdays evah! We love this kid on the police bike ready for action.

From the SoPo Facebook Page;

"Goood afternoon SoPo! This past weekend, Kier celebrated his 5th birthday! As you can see he is already to join the force, hope you had a great day kiddo! Happy Birthday from all of us at the South Portland Police & Fire Departments!"



You do know what's going to happen, right? When we are allowed to have "normal" birthday parties again, all the kids who didn't get a drive-bu by their local police and fire departments are going to want one, REAL. BAD, Heck, I'm 58 next year and I want a drive-by by these guys! You know the requests will keep on coming for many years to come.





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