We saw this on Craigslist today and was almost fooled:

"Call and leave a voicemail with your best Chewbacca impression. At the end of January, the winner will get $100, second place wins $50."

I was picking up my phone to try my best Chewy and win the 100 bucks when I realized that this HAD to be a prank. Not on me, but on the poor sap who will be getting a thousand people calling him or her and leaving Chewbacca impressions on their phone. This is deviant and brilliant! I wonder what the person did to deserve all the Chewbacca's? I'm going to go with someone trying to get back at their Ex. We've seen it before-check out the video below.


Although this is more annoying than anything, it's still not OK to do this to your ex. Maybe she broke up with you because you watch, you know, too much Star Wars. I always say living a good and happy life is the best revenge on someone. And for those of you calling the number, we're quite sure you'll never see your $100. Even if you have a GREAT Chewbacca impression.

By the way-if YOU are the recipient of all these voicemails, PLEASE get ahold of us. We have to hear them all.



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