I'm sorry, but what on earth are my eyes looking at here? Some type of "COVID Car" was spotted heading into Boston and I have so many questions.

On Tuesday, April 6, my friend Merissa Fernandes, who lives here on the SouthCoast, witnessed this crazy-looking concoction of a vehicle on I-93 North as she was driving up to Boston, right around the Quincy area. She did what any curious person would do and safely recorded the Volkswagen in transit:

The strange thing is that when I tried to Google this oddball of a car, nothing came up. Obviously, someone other than Merissa had witnessed this giant coronavirus on wheels, but strange enough, nothing popped up.

There are so many questions I have for the person who made this masterpiece and I would also love to see what it says on the rear windshield. This person clearly wanted to make sure that nobody forgot about the deadly virus that still lurks and looms around the world, ruining plans and stressing out teachers and our frontline workers. I can assure you that nobody that's alive today will forget, even if they tried.

My final thought is that perhaps it's a mascot for the vaccination centers up in the Boston area, but again, who really knows?

If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of this vehicle or why someone decided to throw a giant replica of the COVID-19 virus on the roof, please email me at Gazelle@Fun107.com.

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