It's the worst feeling in the world. You get home from work, pop the frig to grab a brewski...and there's NOTHING there. DOH! You look in every nook and cranny, certain that there's just one more cool one in there. You'll even look in stupid and irrational places (like the butter drawer) to no avail.


Now we have a refrigerator that TELLS YOU how many beers are left. Even better it's WIFI-enabled so it can tell your smartphone how many beers are in the fridge (or when a pal steals one). This is the Budweiser Bud-e-Fridge and we think it's awesome.


Wanna come to a place where you will NEVER run out of beer? Join us at Portland On Tap, January 28th.  The Cross Insurance Arena will be filled to the brim with 130+ craft beer styles from more than 65 breweries, plus local vendors and live music entertainment! Pick from two pouring sessions or a VIP tasting session for an added bonus hour of sampling!

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