Parking is at a premium in Portland, specifically in the downtown area. Lots of destinations, not a ton of real estate. That hits home even more when you have a product that people REALLY you know, FOOD. Which brings us to our choice for the most insane parking lot in Portland, Trader Joe's.

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Trader Joe's opened at their Marginal Way location a little over 7 years ago but as the grocery store chain's popularity has grown in the city, so has the wildness of its parking lot. More people than ever visit the store, and thus more cars than ever are looking for places to park. If you've been there during peak hours, you know that part of the game of shopping at Trader Joe's is being able to beat someone else into a parking spot.

But therein lies some of the insanity of the Trader Joe's lot. When the store was built, it was limited by space unlike the Hannaford location across the street. Thus, the spots at Trader Joe's are marginally smaller than other stores, and the car lanes are slightly more narrow. That can make searching for a spot, as well as pulling in and out of spots, feel more like a day at the demolition derby.

So we've declared this the most insane parking lot in Portland. Agree? Disagree? Let us know your choice on our Facebook page.

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