We're feeling that winter chill now, aren't we?

So far January has been much warmer than usual (Top 10 Warmest in fact), but that has changed of late with some wicked cold days and whipping winds putting the wind chill way below zero.

Now, THIS is Winter in Maine!

We think it's time to bring out the Official Winter Anthem of Maine-"Tis the Season for Frickin' Freezin'" by our great friend Eben.

Follow Eben along on this song as he conjures up some of the great things about winter in Maine:

  • Wearing a parka with shorts and flip-flops.
  • Our 16 days of Summer!
  • 40 mph sleet and winds certainly keep the black flies down
  • Where else on Earth can you freeze your hair?
  • There are more people on the lake ice-fishing than there is in town!
  • You know when you fly is down during a Maine winter!
  • Let's play out in the snow snow snow!





if it's going to be cold, let's get some snow going!


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