If you've ever had a stye on your eye, you know what a pain it is. But here's some relief in the most Maine way.


What the hell is a stye? It's that little red bump on your eyelid that hurts and itches all at the same time. According to Google,

Styes are caused by infected oil glands on your eyelids, which form a red bump that resembles acne. Poor hygiene, old makeup, and certain medical or skin conditions can increase your risk for styes. To get rid of a stye, you can gently wash your eyelids, use a warm compress, and try antibiotic ointments.

Take it from someone who had a stye so bad that it took a needle in my eyelid to finally get rid of it! A warm compress is the key to getting rid of one. Usually, you wet a washcloth with super warm water and hold it on your eye. This works for maybe a minute or two, and then the warm washcloth is cold. What to do! Make the washcloth stay warm - and this is how:

Get a damp washcloth.


Get a potato.


Zap your potato in the microwave for 60 seconds. Wrap warm potato with Saran wrap (or any plastic wrap). Then wrap your damp washcloth around the potato and place it on your eye.

Ahhhhhh, sweet, sweet relief! And bonus! After you microwave your potato a few times, it smells super good! Good luck with your stye!



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