Gas prices, on average, give me an ulcer. I am sure you understand what it feels like when you look down at the dash and see that revolting, "E" light up.

Normally, when things light up, I think it's pretty. But now, the letter E and the color red make me feel nauseous.

When you need gas, you normally have a few stations that are a little "better" then awful with pricing. My not-so-secret spot is the gas station located at the Auburn Walmart. Every time I know I have to visit, my stomach turns. I'll tell you why.

Not so much because of the prices because it's the cheapest around, but because of the traffic and public emotions. Traffic and emotions are not a good pairing, especially on a rainy day.

If you've gone to this gas station, you are aware of what I am referring to. The place becomes so packed that if you are stuck in line, you have to wait, because there's no way out. It's almost like a horror flick, except there's no murdering people, just you're wallet and nerves.

Lizzy Snyder, Auburn Walmart Gas Station
Lizzy Snyder, Auburn Walmart Gas Station

The lines of traffic and waiting are bad, however the emotions are at an all time high, constantly.

Every time I go, I try to breath, stretch, shake, and let it go and pray that everyone will play nice. This past visit was no exception. People were stressed, beeping at each other, and even yelling a bit.

This happens when we are trying to pay our bills and are doing a millions things in one day trying to fight to stay alive financially.

It's not easy right now during this climate because we're all struggling, however, if we continue to have hot heads we're going to make things a lot worse.

While I was pumping, a gentleman was frustrated and so was a younger lady, they had a verbal disagreement, so I started to sing Lizzo. Because of the awkward and random distraction, they kind of just stopped talking to each other, focused on me, silently judged me, and then continued.

This is happening at a ton of different gas stations and we should all try to stay aware of how we are feeling and which of those feelings we choose to show to others. We're going through this, together.

When in doubt, sing.

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