Step aside Great White Sharks! There is a new threat to our New England beaches; JELLYFISH. (dun dun dun) Haven't we been through enough? Between Covid-19, murder hornets, and now we have monstrous jelly fish to worry about!? Cut me a break!

Danielle Callow Ivers was walking the beach with her kiddos in Peaks Island, Maine, back in May when they came across this monster.

Don't worry, they knew to admire it's beauty from a far. FYI: These Lion’s Mane Jellyfish can sting you even after they die.

The overall consensus on Facebook is that this creature is beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

According to, the Lion's mane jelly fish is the largest known species of jelly fish. The size can vary greatly, anywhere from "0.5 inch in diameter to 8 feet. Its 800-plus tentacles are divided into eight groups and can reach up to 98 feet in length. The largest recorded Lion’s mane jellyfish had tentacles that reached 120 feet long. That makes it one of the longest-known animals in the world!"

So thanks 2020, I will add giant, stinging jellyfish to the list of things you have given us.

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