Unless you regularly travel for business, there is a good chance you only get to fly once or twice a year.  And, if you tend to vacation more close to home, you probably fly even more infrequently than that.

Of course, even when you do fly, you don't get to see a lot of scenery.  The TARMAC, a few houses as you fly over them, and then clouds.  Lot's of clouds...

But, how cool would it be to take a flight specifically so that you can do some sightseeing?  You'd be able to experience the beauty of Maine just like the eagles do!

A man named Keith is offering scenic seaplane flights over Western Maine.  The 1 hour and 15 minute long flight will take off from the Rangeley Lake seaplane base, cruise around Western Maine, and land at a remote island where you can get out of the plane and explore for a bit.  Then, it's back on the plane for some more sightseeing before heading back to base.


The experience, which costs $795 per group, is described as being:

Fly high along the western mountains of Maine and the Canadian border. Explore the mountains and remote ponds that make this region popular with adventurers, fisherman, hunters and snowmobilers before making a splash landing on a secluded pond. Experience the Maine wilderness like no other by gliding up to a remote island where you'll depart the seaplane to walk its shore for exploration. Follow the various wildlife tracks and hope to see a magnificent moose.

The specific destinations and path of the flight varies depending on the time of year, weather, and other factors.  Basically, the pilot adapts so that you get the best experience.

Sound like a cool way to spend an afternoon?  Get more details HERE

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