You can't get much for a buck these days. Even a good cup of coffee is hard to come by at that price. There is however a local store in Maine that offers italian sandwiches for just over a buck. 

A tradition has been in place for decades at Wards Neighborhood Market on Pine Street in Lewiston. Leon Ward recently bought Bourque's Market after working there for 30 years, and changed the name to Wards Neighborhood Market. The name has changed, but the Wednesday special of a foot-long Italian for just $1.39 hasn't.

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The Wednesday special had been 99 cents for years, but even when the price was raised to $1.39, the little neighboorhood market still doesn't make any money at that price. The special is so popular that on a typical Wednesday, the staff makes a thousand italians. In an interview with the Sun Journal, Ward says he kept the special because he thinks 'the city would revolt' if they stopped.

You don't see many neighborhood markets like Wards anymore. They have a large meat counter that wraps your selection fresh in front of you, a practice that seems lost in our grab-n-go rush to move on with our day.

The old sign for Bourque's Market came down today, but the tradition clearly lives on.

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