We're still not quite there yet with concerts to go to...and it's still no problem. Sure there are lots of great shows finally announced for the summer, but we want it LIVE right now, until we can get back in a crowd for real.

The Blimp brings you rock shows from the greatest bands of all time right into your living room. Or maybe head outside, if the spring weather wants to party too. Connect the WBLM App to the biggest Bluetooth speaker you've got, get some chairs around the firepit, and crack some cold ones.

It's the return of The WBLM Saturday Night Concert Series.

So far this spring, we've rocked live Bob Seger, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Van Halen.

Who else is gonna do that for ya on the radio? Nobody, my friend.  Now that springtime is becoming summer, let's party on Saturday with live rock 'n roll from the Blimp Archives.

This weekend we proudly present a show that takes us to 1996 and even further back to 1979 with two sets from Def Leppard.

It'll be very cool to hear the band live and raw in their beginning stages from 40+ years ago, as well as a very seasoned outfit 17 years later.

We've got a wicked killah recording from the BBC in London that we can't wait to play for you!

Def Leppard Honored on Rock Walk Hall of Fame
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It's Def Leppard live in concert. Get on your boombox tuned to 102.9, on Alexa, or on the WBLM App linked up to your favorite Bluetooth speaker. 

This is absolutely THE way to party with the Blimp on a Saturday Night!

Showtime is 7pm and we've got your front row seat reserved for Def Leppard on WBLM.

We count 11 Maine appearances by Def Leppard from 1981 to 2016.

Check out this awesome performance from their last time here, 5 years ago in Bangor.

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