It is, by far, the greatest summation of police reporting by any police force anywhere in the country. It is...Got Warrants? from the amazing Bangor Police Department. As the BPD describes it;  “Got Warrants?” is merely one way in which we try to relay the day to day experience of being a police officer. It can be sad, horrifying, ridiculous, and sometimes delightful.

This week the BPD features a story about a fake ID, one about Fireball whiskey and an instant classic about an argument on who is the best rapper of all time. From the BPD Facebook Page:

"Two men, once friends, were having a heated argument over who was the best rapper of all time. 2Pac a.k.a. Makaveli or Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls).

While we will always show up if called, this was a no-win situation for all officers involved.

The trio stood back and let the men discuss it like loud gentlemen, urging only that they use their “inside” voices and limit their use of the F-bomb, and no punching. In the end it the consensus was that Tupac was the better rapper.

Sometimes we just have to let people work these things out on their own. "

Read 'em and weep people. And thanks to the Bangor Police Department...this Thanksgiving, you all are at the top of our "Things We Are Thankful For" list.

Here we go....

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