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They are the world-famous Bangor Police Department, and if this fighting-criminals-thing doesn't work out for them, then I think they can all get jobs writing for late night TV shows. These men and women are hilarious! If you need a good giggle as you go into the weekend, then take a gander at this week's report. We thank the BPD for protecting and all are true heroes! And this week's batch of BPD's adventures includes a lovely story about taking care of a man in Bangor who had no shoes. But first, let's get to the fun stuff


"Names and specifics of each incident are scrubbed from the description to allow you, the eager reader, to just bask in the nuances of the day to day life of the American police officer.

Many of those who you will soon meet were not arrested. Some were just moved along. One of them was given a nice new pair of shoes. Yes, we sometimes pass out shoes.

Officer Tyler Rusby was sent to a speak to a man about reclining on a lawn that was not his own. The homeowner requested a police officer to move the man along. Upon Rusby’s arrival, the officer noted that the man was on his back with a large can of cool and refreshing “Natty-Daddy” stuck between his legs.

He also had somehow forgotten to raise the zipper of his pants up to a point where it would conceal certain items which should remain concealed....."

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All hail the Duck of Justice!