We always love the day after Patriots victory. And one of the biggest reasons is that we always get a new edition of the TB Times from Tom Brady. And after the Pats 41-16 victory over the Broncos last night in Denver, we knew TB12 would come up with a doozy:


We are especially intrigued by Brady's message:

As a Centaur, I have a deep respect for and bond with the Broncos — not only as a true rival, but as a brother of a similar breed.

Ummm, what the hell does that even mean? Tom's a Centaur now?  Whatever. As long as he keeps making passes like this, he can be any fictitious character he wants to be:


or how about this sweet pass to Gronk?



Here's Tom at the post-game press conference and before he turned into a Centaur.



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