I grew up on Rt.1 in Saco, and Jolly John Pulsifer was the king of the busiest part of town. He was one of the most visible and accessible big wigs around. He elevated being a car dealership owner to a flat out local celebrity! When Porteous intown Portland went out of business in 1991, I bought a couple of their display props. One was a flat, pressed cardboard jointed mannequin. I painted it high-gloss black and arranged it on my living room wall. I used a Jolly John mask as his face! Yes, John gave out masks of himself-and people took them! When I got older I did many remotes at his dealerships with WBLM, and John was a very nice man.

Here is John with his daughter Michelle in a retro television ad. I also owned a red Ford Escort at one time. I named him Spank Wagon after a Wesley Willis song.

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