Tailgating is a great football tradition, but it does create a perfect storm of beer, fire and traffic that can lead to injuries and car accidents. If you're a tailgater, it's a good time to check your insurance policy to see what they cover.

Here are some potential situations that could come up:

  • Poor sportsmanship can lead to fans of the other team vandalizing your car! After paying your deductible, comprehensive coverage will pay for repair caused by vandalism, riots and civil disturbances.
  • You accidently burn up your car while grilling.  Again, get that comprehensive insurance policy and your car is covered for fires and other non-crash related problems.
  • If you damage someone else's car while throwing a football around, your home, renters or condo insurance may be able to cover unintentional damage caused to someone else's property.
  • If you hit a parked car, your liability insurance takes care of the damage to the car that you hit, up to your policy's limit. As far as your car, collision coverage will pay to fix it, but if it doesn't exceed your deductible it's not worth making a claim.

Go Pats!


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