Did you know that puzzle purchases since the 'rona hit us are up over 300%? Wowzers!  And you thought you had gone through every puzzle in the closet. WRONG! We've got another virtual puzzle for you. No need to take up the entire dining room table on this one because you can do it on your PC or mobile phone or tablet. Thanks to Epuzzle you can take a whack at putting John, Paul, George and Ringo all back together. Hey, no one else ever could after they broke up!

Herb Ivy
Apple Records


It's pretty easy to do. Click on the link below, then click Abbey Road photo. Your puzzle will start. To move a piece. click on it, then click on the spot you want it to go. Good Luck and let us know how long it takes you to solve.


If you solved that one, try lasts week's virtual puzzle. It's a tough one but something near and dear to all our hearts....the mighty Blimp!

The finished puzzle will look like this and gives you a nice reference



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