Portland Public Health and the Portland Police Department have put out some "best practices" for trick or treating this year. This will certainly be like no other Halloween in history. And while it's important that the kiddos still get to put on their costumes, it's super important that we do it safely. Many communities are doing "Trunk or Treats" and you have to pre-register for those. If you are going to do the more traditional house-to-house trick or treating OR if you are a house that does intend to hand out candy, then check out these helpful hints:

If You are a Trick or Treater-

  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Trick or Treat with people you live with
  • Keep your social distance- 6 feet away!
  • Wear a mask....over that mask!
  • Use hand sanitizer

If You Are Giving Out Candy-

  • Don't hand out candy if you are sick.
  • Definitely wear a mask
  • Take the Safe House Pledge at Halloween2020.org
  • Use duct tape to mark out 6-foot lines leading up to your door
  • Use a table in between you and your trick or treaters. You've seen this in some store I'm sure.
  • Wash your hands A LOT


Let's be careful out there! We need you around for many more Halloweens to come!





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