Making a snowman is probably the most primitive form of sculpture.  According to Google Trends, "build a snowman" peaks this time of year.  Now, after thousands of years of constructing snow people, you would figure we've got this, right? Nope. We are still learning.

February school vacation isn't over yet, why not build a snowman?! Here is some of what I've learned:

  • The qualities of the snow have everything to do with a successful snowman. If your snow is too dry it won't pack together. Spray it down with a bit of water.
  • Keep that water bottle out for when you are finished and give it a quick squirt. It will freeze and act like hair spray-for your snow!
  • Add food coloring to your spray bottle to add some color.
  • After making your initial snowball, roll it around to collect more snow and make it bigger, changing directions will making it rounder.
  • For "husky" snowmen try putting a stick through the balls to give it stability.
  • Build it in the shade if you can, to keep him from melting.
  • Once the balls are stacked, pack some snow between them to lock them together.

Check out for more tips.

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