47 years ago today, we lost a man that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame refers to as “arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music”. Jimi Hendrix left a message on his manager’s answering machine the night before the morning of his death saying, “I need help bad, man.”  He died of asphyxiation on the morning of September 18, 1970. There are plenty of conspiracy theories surrounding his death from suicide to murder. Whatever the truth may be, it is a tragedy that such an amazing creative soul had to go at such an early age.

And yup, Jimi made it to Maine once! Our good friend Danny Caron (Oak) was the drummer in the opening band that night. He told us that Hendrix patted him on the back as they came off stage after their set and complimented his timekeeping skills. OMFG!! Right? Thanks for that precious memory DC!


Here’s Jimi’s last interview from September of 1970, brilliantly animated by the folks at Blank On Blank. Blank On Blank is a multimedia nonprofit that takes rare unheard interviews with cultural icons and sets them to animation. These great people bring the interviews to life with very cool cartoons. It kinda takes theater of the mind to the next level. We don’t just see a cartoon version of a legend answering questions, they take us  right inside there heads with images of their thoughts and dreams.

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