The song that introduced us to the silly phrase “the pompatus of love” (ahh,the grandeur of romance) went number one in the US on this date in 1974.  It’s the title track from the 1973 album, The Joker by The Steve Miller Band.

It’s 45 years later, and this song remains an a sing-along classic favorite in Blimpville! It took the Brits a bit longer to give Steve Miller a number one spot for this songIt was more than 16 years later that The Joker went number one in the UK after it was featured in a 1990 Levi’s commercial. 

The last time Steve Miller played in Portland was in 2010. Then there was an incredible double bill with Peter Frampton last summer in Bangor.

Looks like he has a tour planned for 2019. So how 'bout gettin' back here again to celebrate the 45th anniversary of this enduring classic with all the Jokers in Maine?

And now here’s the great Wolfman Jack introducing Steve Miller’s performance of The Joker on the Midnight Special in January of ’74! We love that he says "Here's Steve Millah!"  WICKED, Dude! 


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