Yup, this just happened on the radio. Free Form FM is alive and well with The WBLM Psychedelic Breakfast. Here's this morning's synapse snapping playlist.


Strawberry Alarm Clock "Incense And Peppermints"

Yardbirds "Heart Full Of Soul"

Hawkwind "Adjust Me"

T-Rex "Cosmic Dancer"

Genesis "Eleventh Earl Of Mar"

Apples In Stereo "Strawberryfire"

Beatles "She Said, She Said"

Who "Relax"

Pink Floyd "If"

Iron Butterfly "Soul Experience"

Rolling Stones "In Another Land"


R.E.M. "Crush With Eyeliner"

Neil Young And Crazy Horse "Psychedelic Pill"

Doors "Shaman's Blues"

Doors "The Changeling"

Dominic And The Lucid "Of The Sun"

Blind Faith "Had To Cry Today"

Small Faces "Itchycoo Park"

Porcupine Tree "Trains"

Grateful Dead "Loose Lucy"

Jimi Hendrix "Star Spangled Banner"

Want some more Dominic And The Lucid? Here's a video of them performing "Cease To Exist"  on WCSH 207.


We'll do it again next Saturday! Meanwhile, you keep evolving as the world keeps revolving.




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