"We did not further the cause today." Truer words were never spoken from the great Tom Caron from NESN today. Tom joins the WBLM Morning each and every Friday to talk about all things New England sports. Most weeks the takes are hot and the analysis insightful. No one knows sports better around here than TC. But today, Tom and I just didn't get into the level of, shall we say, sophistication, that we all have become accustomed to.

The highlights:

  • TC and I think that we should combine concerts and baseball at Fenway. The Dead were SUPPOSED to play there this weekend. We say, why not? Even though the Red Sox are playing too. Can you imagine...
  • TC on why he called the Trop in Tampa Bay, "....a dump"
  • How Tom is celebrating his 25th anniversary at NESN this weekend with no cake and bad NESN bloopers and outtakes.
  • Oh, we did talk about some sports. Why do the Bruins seem lackluster during the Stanley Cup Round Robin phase? Tom Caron has some good insight.

We don't know if these two accomplished anything useful today, but we we sure had fun on the radio! And MAJOR congratulations to Tom's 25th anniversary with NESN this weekend. He truly is the greatest sportscaster New England has ever known. And as passionate today as he was 25 years ago. Plus, Tom is a top-notch human being. The pride of Lewiston high School has done OK!


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