A couple of interesting live performances to note, along with (yet another) Beatles chart record...they were rather good, you know.

Beatles In America
August, 1964. (Express/Getty Images)

4/11/1961 (58 years ago today) - Bob Dylan plays his first live gig in New York City -- He was the opening act for John Lee Hooker at the legendary Gerde's Folk City. Not a stretch to imagine it must have been a pretty cool night out...

4/11/1964 (55 years ago today) - The Beatles set another new chart record -- They've got 14 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, from "Can't Buy Me Love" at No.1, all the way down to "Love Me Do" at No. 81. No matter what any boppin'-youth acts lay claim to record-busting these days, The Fab Four did it first. And best. The end. Thank you and good night.

4/11/1977 (42 years ago today) - In Sydney, Australia, it's the largest crowd to ever attend a rock concert in the country's history: Alice Cooper performs for over 40,000, but congratulations will have to wait -- After the show, Alice was placed under house arrest at his hotel until he could post a $59,632 bail bond, the same amount of dough a promoter had paid Alice for a 1975 Down Under tour that never happened! The two settled when it was discovered the agency in charge of the booking, etc., didn't exactly fulfill their end of the deal either. Show-biz. Bitchy.

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